• Karen Duncan

A Safe Alternative to Dryer Sheets - Wool Dryer Balls

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

My daughter is allergic to the perfumes used in scented dryer sheets. I had switched to unscented, but my laundry never had a clean smell to it since I also use unscented plant-based laundry detergent. I knew dryer sheets had toxic chemicals that adhere to your clothes and rub off on your skin and wanted to find a healthier alternative.

Did you know that these chemicals have been linked triggering asthma? They have even been linked to cancer and reproductive issues. They are just bad news!

After a little research, I discovered wool dryer balls a few years ago and have not used a dryer sheet since. Wool dryer balls have no toxic chemicals, they will dry your clothes 15-20% faster and reduce static. They last for thousands of loads of laundry. The dryer balls help circulate the air in the dryer and separate your clothes, so the more balls you use, the more effective they are. It is suggested you use six.

The best part is they can be scented with a few drops of essentials oils to keep your clothes smelling fresh.

My favorite scent is a combination of sandalwood and lavender. However, someone who does not have a large collection of oils like myself would most likely enjoy an essential oil blend like the Woolzies Laundry Collection Essential Oil Set. The set includes 3 premade blends: Citrus Clean, Still Breeze, and Petal Fresh that is sure

to make your clothes smell delightful. They also have several other blends to choose from if the scents in this collection do not interest you, which can be found here.

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