Basic Sensitive Skincare Kit

This hydrating complete skincare kit is specially formulated for sensitive skin. Most companies either offer acne and sensitive skincare routine or anti-aging skincare routines, but not both. Made with ingredients you can pronounce so you know what is exactly in the products you are putting on your skin. The natural ingredients are sourced by a company in North Carolina that does quality testing to ensure their products are 100% pure and are therapeutic grade. Made with lightweight oils to provide instant hydration to revitalize the skin while balancing oil production and the PH of your skin. Leaves your skin soft and clean and never an oily residue after drying. You will notice a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. By fading dark spots and scars, you will achieve an even skin tone that is glowing. Our products are handcrafted and bottled in Athens, GA. The kits are not bottled in a factory to avoid cross-contamination. We produce small batches at a time to provide the buyer with the freshest ingredients.

Basic Sensitive Skincare Kit

  • Included products:


    • Clarify Foaming Daily Cleanser (oz)*  concentrate for use in the AM and PM
    • Refresh Rosewater Face Toner (2 oz) for use in the AM and PM 
    • Revitalize Hydrating Face Serum (.5 oz) for use in the AM and PM 
    • 4 oz Foaming Soap Dispenser to use with the Clarify Foaming Daily Cleanser Concentrate.*


    *Clarify Foaming Daily Cleanser concentrate is enough to make 8 oz of foaming soap. Please read the directions on the Clarify concentrate bottle for dilution directions.  Do not use without diluting.



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